Isaias Sanchez

My name is Isaias Sanchez. I started Basement Studios in 2007 and it formed into Prophat Productions in September 2009 to include recording, mixing, mastering, photography and videography. A little bit about me, I grew up all over, but mainly Florida. After high school, I attended and graduated Unity Gain Recording Institute in their audio engineering technologies and practices program. In 2003, I joined the United States Air Force and served until 2007 when my term was completed. I met my wife while in the Air Force and after our term was done, we moved to Statesville, NC, which is where my wife grew up. In 2010, we welcomed our daughter and currently are expecting baby no. 2 in October 2013. We currently serve as youth pastors at a local church in Statesville and run its audio/video department. My passion has always been music, movies, and basically any aspect of the audio world. I”m excited to be gaining momentum in this field and creating a way to not only follow my dreams but preserving the memories of others whether in music, photos, or film for generations to come.